Recently, the public was shocked by the upload of Gerindra Party politicians who are looking for Instagram (IG) followers by distributing free Mobile Legend game diamonds.

Investigate a calibaration, the politician is known to be Deputy Chairperson of the Central Java DPD Gerindra Ari Wachid.

This is known from the upload of the @txtdrgovernment account on the Twitter social media network on Sunday (22/01/2023).

That account uploaded a screenshot image from the Instagram account @emak_moba showing the Mobile Legend diamond distribution poster.

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However, the distribution of diamonds has conditions, namely by following the account on Instagram.

“Hundreds of thousands of Mobile Legend diamonds are provided for all of you. But, first follow Instagram,” wrote a statement on the poster seen on Monday (23/01/2023).

In his Instagram account statement, Ari openly admits that he really likes playing the Mobile Legend game.

“Likes to play Mobile Legends in his free time, the rest of the time he thinks about the people,” wrote Ari.

Ari also uploaded posters for distributing Mobile Legend diamonds through his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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Currently, Ari’s Instagram followers have reached 972 followers, while Ari only follows 21 accounts.

The upload immediately stole the attention of netizens to reap various responses. A number of netizens left positive comments and were really eyeing the prizes offered by Ari.

But unfortunately, not a few also criticized Ari Wachid’s actions because he was looking for followers ahead of the 2024 elections.

“Does he not realize that the average player in ML doesn’t have voting rights to vote yet?” wrote @rangg***.

“If you’ve played ML, it’s impossible to think about the people, the important thing is epic,” added @atha ***.

“Those who follow bocil are all those who don’t have ID cards,” comment @mst***.

“The peak of comedy, even though the average ML player hasn’t been able to vote yet,” timpal @om***.


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