Grown Brilliance’s Founder Talks Debut of High Jewelry Collection

“It has always been our dream to create stunning designs that don’t cost the consumer an arm and a leg,” says Akshie Jhaveri, creative director and founder of Grown Brilliance.

With more than 120 pieces, the lab-grown diamond brand’s first high jewelery collection was inspired by the world travels of Jhaveri.

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The collection pays homage to Amsterdam, Venice, Barcelona, ​​Tokyo and more.

Highlights include the Mumbai necklace, which was inspired by the crowded yet colorful streets of Mumbai and features a mix of diamond shapes set in a stunning mosaic, reflecting the intersection of madness and beauty that the bustling crowds of Mumbai convey. The piece holds 69.56 carats of marquise-, pear-, round- and emerald-cut diamonds. Each piece in the collection is handcrafted by artisans in India, where the tradition of high jewelery has been prevalent for hundreds of years. Every design is one-of-a-kind and features lab-grown diamonds with many of the center stones reaching 15 carats individually in an almost flawless quality. According to the brand, lab-grown diamonds of this size are incredibly rare, as growing them this large is extremely difficult to regulate.


A Grown Brilliance high jewelry necklace.

“Since these are one-of-a-kind pieces, we need to add new styles every month, whenever a piece sells, in order to replace it with something similar (never the same),” Jhaveri said of the plans to continue the high jewelry offering, reporting that Grown Brilliance plans to open retail stores throughout the country, with New York City as its first location by the end of 2023, “which will only further make this collection accessible to the customer through trunk shows and other special events .”

Unlike traditional high jewelry, Grown Brilliance’s collection can be purchased directly and immediately exclusively on Grown Brilliance’s website without additional inquiries, making it extremely accessible to the consumer. Prices range from $12,000 to $270,000.

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