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byErry Ike Setiawan – editorChoiru Rizkia Jan. 17, 2023, Jakarta – Lately, new innovations and designs have emerged regarding earbuds that can be hidden. This means visually it doesn’t look like he’s wearing earbuds.

Nova H1 Pearl Earrings presents a new product that allows users to hide wireless earbuds.

This innovation and design allows users to stay connected with music, podcasts or phone calls without having to wear an additional visible device.

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Nova H1 Pearl Earrings present an elegant and luxurious design. From the outside, these earrings look like regular pearl jewelry.

However, actually in these earrings there are wireless earbuds that can be connected to your device via Bluetooth.

These earbuds are equipped with a microphone so you can easily answer phone calls without having to take your earphones or cell phone out of your pocket.

This innovation is perfect for those of you who like to travel or work outdoors, but also want to stay connected with music or phone calls.

Apart from that, the elegant design offered by Nova H1 Pearl Earrings can also be used as a fashion accessory to add to your style.

The Nova H1 Pearl Earrings product is designed with a battery capacity that can last for 4 hours of use and can becharge quickly within 1 hour.

These earbuds are equipped with the feature “noise cancellation” which is able to reduce the sound of the surrounding environment so that users are not too disturbed.

Users can still enjoy and be able to focus more on the music or phone calls that are heard without any noise disturbance.

Nova H1 Pearl Earrings has a voice control feature to adjust the volume, activate or deactivate music, and answer phone calls by simply touching the earrings.

This feature is very practical and easy to use, considering that users don’t have to bother having to take out their cellphone or earphones just to manage music or answer phone calls.

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Apart from that, the Nova H1 Pearl Earrings is also equipped with a GPS feature. This feature allows the user to know the location of the earrings if they feel they have forgotten to put them even when they are lost.

That way, users can easily track their whereabouts because this feature will really help to find their place.

The innovation developed also shows that technological devices do not have to look like technological devices, but can be disguised as fashion accessories that can be used everyday.

Overall, the Nova H1 Pearl Earrings are a very interesting innovation and prove that technology can be combined with elegant and luxurious design.

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