Student-Friendly Weddings: 5 Ideas for An Unforgettable Day – 2023 Guide

The idea of ​​a wedding comes with inviting a crowd. It translates into a huge budget that may go beyond your imagination. Still, you need to give your partner a memorable wedding. Friends and family could also be looking for a colorful album for your big day.

The most expensive items during a wedding, apart from the food, are decorations and the venue. If you can find a way to circumvent these budget items, you will enjoy the most colorful wedding.

Here are excellent wedding ideas for college students to consider.

Develop a timeline


When do you want to have your wedding? The season determines the cost of budget items such as venues, flowers, entertainment and photography. It will also determine the amount of time at your disposal to plan your big day.

Think of a time when you don’t have to worry about assignment deadlines or revising for tests. You can get my Spanish lab homework answers online and create more time to plan your wedding.

The cost and beauty of wedding venues change over time. Wedding gardens are colorful during spring and summer. It will reduce your decoration budget. However, these seasons also attract a lot of weddings. You will be competing with other couples with huge budgets.

The number of guests you want to attend will also depend on the day. Working days attract a smaller number. Weekends and holidays will attract a crowd.

Develop a timeline that will help you synchronize your activities in a way that doesn’t rush preparations or gives you too much time to stress over the wedding. A timeline will also keep you on your toes. The timeline should come with milestones to ensure that you are ready by the wedding day.

Use a restaurant venue


Restaurant provides comprehensive event packages. You have a decorated venue with food on site and a DJ. Ushers also come from restaurants. Discuss your ideas or desires with the owner and leave him to deliver.

The restaurant may provide an indoor or outdoor setting. Some restaurants are set by the beach or with a magnificent background that provides the perfect wallpaper for your album.

Restaurant wedding planners will take care of the logistics based on your instructions. It takes away the struggle to look for venues, tables and chairs, entertainment and food, among other items.

Restaurants also provide outdoor wedding catering and logistics. If you wish to have your wedding at the beach or park, the restaurant will set up a camp on your behalf. The idea is to get all the services from one person or place. You only appear on site with your guests, enjoy the day, and leave without worrying about preparation or clearing.

Holding a wedding in a restaurant makes the after-party easier. The place is transformed from a wedding setting with tables to a party venue for drinks and dancing.

You reduce the movement of guests and can get a perfect deal for the bulk package. This is the least engaging wedding idea for a student.

A farmhouse


Take your partners and guests to a farm. Farms have a lot of open spaces that can be converted into wedding venues. Since weddings are not their specialty, they offer the grounds at a bargain.

A farm setting is one of the ways to limit the number of people to attend. Farms are usually out of town. Consequently, only the selected view will take the trouble. It is also one of the ways to control presence and time. You limit movements since you are out of town. The guests will purposely come for your wedding without thinking of other engagements.

Some farms offer special packages based on what they produce. You may get wine, beef and fruits to spice up your wedding. The exotic feel of a farm with animals in the background or plantations makes your day unique. It is a perfect way to avoid the obvious flower, lighting, and wall arrangements that characterize weddings.

The experience of a picnic setting or sitting on barns makes your day special. A lot of people have never been to farms. It could be a chance of a lifetime to learn about animals and plants.


Homeowners are converting a lot of properties into Air BnB instead of leaving them discontinued. Search for perfect homes and settings providing Air BnB venues. Improvise around the house and set up the best wedding ceremony.

Choose a house in a setting that forms an idea of ​​your ideal wedding. There are many Air BnB facilities by the beach, with open grounds and magnificent backgrounds. The beautiful lawns and courtyards will also serve as perfect venues.

Air BnB facilities come in different sizes and shapes. It will fit a wedding for a few people or one where you host a crowd. They offer a chance to modify the venue to meet your expectations. It is one of the most affordable wedding ideas for students.

Clarify your priorities


What is your idea of ​​a colorful wedding? Does it involve four people and the presidential minister or do you wish to invite the entire family?

Would you like the wedding in the open or in a hall? Will it be during the day or night? Is the church your ideal setting or do you prefer a garden wedding?

Priorities will determine your budget, logistics, and eventual albums you generate. Discuss with your spouse to accommodate their views.

Consult a wedding planner with experience in planning similar weddings. Prepare for what it takes to plan and execute your dream wedding.

Wedding planning while in school must also consider other commitments. Use a homework planner to track the progress of your assignments and their deadlines to avoid compromising your studies. Homework helpers and other educational tools will also make academic work easier so that you can dedicate your time to planning your dream wedding.


Planning a wedding while in college gives you room to execute any idea you desire as long as you can meet the budget. Use a wedding planner to make your work easier.

Homework helpers will cover your back to ensure that your assignments are completed on time and tests are taken according to the schedule. You will plan your wedding without worrying about academic work.

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