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Some trends are new and exciting. “Pearlcore,” for example. Some, like chunky chain links, go in and out. Then some, like delicate jewelry, are eternal; fashion-forward mainstays that designers continually find ways to restyle and innovate.

That’s why, season after season, there’s a new twist on delicate jewelry to love. It instantly enhances any ensemble! You can add particular pieces to dress up or casually down (that’s an expression, right?) any outfit, at any time.

As a shopping editor, it is my sworn duty to keep everyone up to date on all things en vogue. As such, I’ve pulled together this diverse list of delicate items you’ll absolutely want in your permanent rotation.

There’s pre-layered. There’s stackable. There’s mix-and-match minimalism. There’s silver-toned, real gold, elegant, sophisticated, boho-chic…What I’m saying is, whatever your style preference, you’ll find something in this list of delicate jewelry to love. Perhaps even a few things.

So, sit back, scroll on, and in the words of a movie I know I don’t need to mention by name: Frost yourselves. Just, you know, sans diamonds. (For now, anyway. Though there is a fashion-forward twist on a tennis bracelet tucked into this list!)

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