5 Benefits of Choosing a Marquee for Your Wedding Reception

More and more couples are seeking alternatives to traditional hotel venues when considering wedding locations. Couples have a variety of options, but marquees are now becoming a familiar sight on the wedding circuit.

The idea of ​​getting married under canvas was hardly an appetizing prospect in the olden days. Modern marquees, on the other hand, can be transformed into a lavish, spectacular setting for your special day. They are much more than just tents.

Contemporary marquees provide everything you need to make your wedding a memorable occasion, including electricity, restrooms, flooring, and décor. Therefore, if you’re seeking the ideal location for your special day, here are 5 reasons you should think about renting a marquee.

Marquees offer Versatility

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It is possible that your choices for menu and décor will be constrained if you choose a conventional venue, such as a hotel. Conventional venues will expect if not insist that you use their catering and bar facilities which may limit your options.

While they may be able to arrange it slightly differently it is likely the furniture, decor and table decorations will be the same. This means that your wedding is probably going to be pretty much the same as the ones that were held the week before and the week before that.

One of the major benefits of choosing a marquee is that it offers you the flexibility to choose your own theme and make your wedding something that is personal to you and you alone.


One issue with conventional venues is that you are forced to pay the prices they want for food and beverages. Although the initial cost of renting a space may be seen to be affordable, one way that venues increase their revenue is by charging more for meals and all of your drinks, including items like wine for toasts.

With a marquee, you can take your time and find caterers who provide you the menu options you desire while providing the best pricing. In a Marquee you can take advantage of mobile wedding bar hire.

Drink prices at mobile bars are typically considerably more reasonable than at other types of venues, which is something your friends and family will no doubt appreciate.

A Marquee Can Help Give Your Wedding a Unique Feel

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You can design your wedding from scratch if you rent a marquee. As a result, you can plan a wedding that is absolutely individual to you. Everything, including the flooring, tables, chairs, linen, and interior design, will be your own personal choice.

All of that can be combined with floral arrangements, table settings, and lighting to give your wedding the appearance you’ve always wanted. A marquee is the best option if you decide to have a themed wedding because you will have complete control over the design and use of the space. This gives you the chance to create the special occasion that you deserve for your wedding.

Marquees Can Be Located Anywhere

If you rent a marquee, you may hold your wedding reception virtually anywhere. If you have the room, it can be in your backyard or another place where the two of you share great memories. Another advantage of a marquee is that you can raise the sides on a hot summer day to make your wedding feel more outdoor-like.

Guest Lists

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There may frequently be a maximum or minimum number of people a reputable wedding venue will accept when you book them. This implies that you can end up paying for more guests than actually showing up or having a limited number of invitees, which would force you to make some difficult choices.

When you hire a marquee, you have a variety of options for size, allowing you to have a wedding that is as understated or grand as you like.

We hope the information in our article has given you some ideas if you are unsure of what direction to take when choosing the perfect venue for your special day.

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