All Of The Celebs Who Bought Pharrell’s Old Jewelry

If you know anything about celebrity jewelry, you know that Pharrell has one of the most impressive collections of all time. Well, at least he used to. Back in October, Pharrell introduced his new auction platform Joopiter with a fairly unprecedented move. He did some of the craziest closet purging we’ve ever seen and decided to let go of 52 of his old items. There were things like jackets and sneakers in the mix, but the items that drew the most attention were the various pieces of one-of-one jewelry he had crafted across his career with the help of Jacob and Co.

Celebrities weren’t the only ones who were able to take advantage of this rare opportunity to own a piece of history. But due to the exorbitant amounts it took to secure the winning bids, it’s no surprise to see that plenty of these pieces landed in the hands of some big names. We’ve all seen Drake’s “Jumbotron Shit Poppin” video by now. But could we have predicted that Kim Kardashian would step out wearing one of Pharrell’s old iced out G-Shock’s?

Check out all of the celebrities we have seen rocking Pharrell’s old jewelry thus far, below.

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