CVD Diamond Inc. is a leading lab grown diamond manufacturer offering wholesale lab grown diamonds and jewelry that provides great value for jewelry retailers.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 23, 2023 / — CVD Diamond Inc, a Los Angeles and New York-based jewelry company, is offering high-quality lab grown diamonds and lab grown diamond jewelry wholesale to jewelers and jewelry retailers nationwide. As a leading lab grown diamond manufacturer, their advanced manufacturing techniques have made their lab grown diamonds more affordable and available in larger quantities.

CVD Diamond Inc. supplies only Type IIA diamonds. Type IIA diamonds have a quality that is reserved only for the rarest jewelry-grade diamonds. The availability of high-quality lab grown diamonds is good news for jewelry retailers. With high-quality labs grown available to jewelry retailers, they can create more affordable diamond jewelry pieces for a broader market.

CVD Diamond Inc. has been in the diamond business for five decades with operations based in Los Angeles, New York, and India. They started manufacturing lab-grown diamonds in 2012 because of their promise and potential to transform the jewelry industry. By using the strictest manufacturing and quality control standards and their excellence in craftsmanship, CVD Diamond Inc. can supply the largest assortment of certified, non-certified, and melee diamonds to jewelry retailers. With a team of expert jewelers, the company can also supply lab grown diamond stud earrings, rings, tennis bracelets, and, soon, necklaces. Today, they have realized this potential by offering excellent value to jewelers and jewelry retailers through the lab grown diamonds and diamond jewelry they supply wholesale.

Our Lab grown diamonds are guaranteed to be ethically sourced with a sustainable manufacturing process, with a lower carbon footprint than mined diamonds. Because of this, the lab’s grown diamond jewelry presents a viable alternative to a substantial proportion of the market preferring ethically-sourced and sustainable jewelry.

CVD Diamond Inc. provides a vast range of lab grown diamonds. Sizes range from 0.005 ct for melee diamonds to pieces as large as 8 cts for certified and non-certified pieces. All available diamonds have brilliant cuts to ensure that only the best diamonds are available. Lab grown diamonds are also available in different colors, ranging from colorless (D,E,F), to very light yellow (N,O,P,Q,R).

The options CVD Diamond Inc. provides its clients offer excellent flexibility to jewelry retailers seeking lab grown jewelry supplies when responding to spikes in demand. The lab grew jewelry that CVD Diamond Inc. supplies are highly-customizable. Jewelry retailers may coordinate the designs they want for rings, stud earrings, and tennis bracelets before shipment.

CVD Diamond Inc. has built a strong reputation for providing genuine diamonds. Acquiring diamonds through CVD Diamond Inc. is a sure way to guarantee lab grown diamonds’ authenticity. Being a leading manufacturer of lab grown diamonds, CVD Diamond Inc. is a proud member of the International Grown Diamonds Association (IGDA) and the Jewelers Board of Trade.

Lab grown diamonds are slowly becoming the new norm in the jewelry industry. Though many lab grown diamond manufacturers have entered the scene, CVD Diamonds Inc. continues to be recognized as a leading and trusted supplier of wholesale diamonds in the market. Their market position, maturity in the industry, and reputation make them a leading company in revolutionizing the jewelry industry through grown diamonds labs.

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