the Garden of Eyes mod team, which is working on the Elden Rings overhaul mod, has added a brand new boss: Godskin Dragonslayer & Executioner.

In the works for over five months, the video below shows a reimagination of the Godskin Duo, fused with Ornstein and Smough.

Garden of Eyes Elden Ring mod – Godskin Dragonslayer & Executioner Duo Boss Showcase

Dark Souls players will recognize the duo of Ornstein and Smough, also known as Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough. Ornstein was one of the Four Knights of Gwyn who hunted dragons, and Smough was an executioner. The duo was assigned to protect the Lordvessel from intruders and are the final bosses of the Anor Londo level. This boss battle is considered by many to be one of the game’s most difficult encounters.

In the Garden of Eyes mod, the fight has been given a makeover in Elden Ring. The mod has removed the Executioner’s ability to hop away, so only the Dragonslayer will do that now, allowing for better control over the duo’s dynamics. Also, the blindspots Smough used to have are back, and you will need to use these to manage attacks from both at the same time.

Because the Executioner cannot hop any longer, his frontal blindspots are now a means of avoiding one of the enemies. The Executioner’s Charge will now chase you until you engage with it, the Dragonslayer has an Elden Ring arsenal for the mod, and its Charge was fixed.

The Dragonslayer has rather quick attacks, and the Executioner will now leave behind a black flame trail when it charges. And, as with the original boss fight, when killing one of the duo first, the other one absorbs their power, transitioning into a completely new boss fight with an entirely new battle.

With the arena, there are only four pillars this time, and they will now fully break and leave no obstacles behind the two enemies.

The Garden of Eyes mod is currently in Early Access on Patreon, alongside many of the team’s other overhaul mods, which will be released for free to everyone when complete.


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