Every Summer 2023 Jewelry Trend to Know

Summer jewelry trends are always fun, but this year’s might be the most imaginative yet. While warmer weather brings above a surge of delicately stacked chains, charm necklaces and bracelets, and colorful rings, we don’t think we’ve ever seen as many cheeky and whimsical takes on jewelry. Fashion trends like the Y2K revival have given way to a host of playful, retro jewelry trends featuring bold, bright colors. Even traditional minimalist trends like chain necklaces and lockets have received a summer update with a more-is-more mentality. Ahead, you’ll find 13 summer jewelry trends that, although they might be here for a good time, not a long time, will have you itching to accessorize.

Candy-Colored Necklaces

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A perfect encapsulation of how this summer jewelry is delivering cheeky whimsy, this trend looks good enough to eat. Candy-colored chains and bracelets, worn solo or receiving the stacking treatment, adding an air of youthful fun, but we love the way they subvert a formal or high-fashion look.

Mismatched Beaded Jewelry

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Another carefree jewelry style, mismatched beaded necklaces and bracelets embrace imperfection with a clash of cuteness. Pearls, crystals and ceramic beads are mixed in color, shape and size for an energetic, unique feel.

Retro Flower Jewelry

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Whimsical, retro, and playfully divorced from the hyperrealistic florals seen in previous seasons, this summer’s floral jewelry is all about fun. The vibe should be familiar to anyone with a love of ’70s accessories, and we’re here for the big flower power energy.

Natural Pearl Jewelry

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Similar Shops: Sequins Seraphine Earrings, $218.
Rather than perfectly-shaped pearls, this summer’s pearl jewelry calls for organic and mismatched pearls. The focus on more natural, imperfect, and raw pearls might stem from the rise of Mermaidcore in all things fashion, including accessories.

Fine Jewelry Body Chains

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Similar Shops: Alana Maria Rodeo Body Chain, $300.
With the return of Y2K accessories, body chains have made a major comeback. The key to wearing body chains this summer is to look for pieces that are less Dirrty-Xtina era and more “fine jewelry.” Ultra-fine chains in real gold with semi-precious stone beads are how the cool kids are wearing their body chains.

Ribbon Chokers

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Similar Shops: Wolf & Badger Golden White Cloud Rose Black Velvet Choker, $252.
One of the few jewelry trends on our list that doesn’t owe itself to the inescapable Y2K revival, this summer’s choker necklaces pay homage to adornments going even further back in time. Ribbon choker necklaces decorated with silk flowers throw all the way back to the Victorian era, when women would wear them tightly around the throat.

Byzantine Gold Jewelry

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Similar Shops: Mountain & Moon Evita Necklace, $221, and Mountain & Moon Maria Earrings, $138.
Inspired by antique styles, Byzantine jewelry refers to a style of woven or braided necklaces and bracelets that are, at once, delicate, intricate, and often oversized. Often featuring crosses or sunbursts inlaid with stones and pearls, Byzantine jewelry is fit for a queen, literally.

Mixed Metal Jewelry

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Mixed metals are one of the summer jewelry trends that most excite Rellery founder and jewelry designer Sally Rong this summer. Rather than fretting over perfectly matching pieces, the goal of this trend is to explore whimsically related themes such as florals, abstract shapes, or patterns.

Punk-Inspired Lockets

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Similar Shops: Vanessa Mooney Holy Heart Choker, $84.
A little bit punk, a little bit Y2K, and a whole lot of statement-making, the rise of the oversized locket has been building slowly, but this trend has truly come to life this summer.

Thick Chains

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Similar Shops: Paula Rosen Sophia Chain, $617.
Chains have long been a genderless jewelry go-to. But we don’t think we’ve ever seen so many thick chains, layered or worn alone as statement pieces, on red carpet celebs and influencers alike.

Chunky Rings

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Similar Shops: Sahira Arlo Chunky Ring, $52.
Love a mod moment? Try this summer trend, which combines the vibes of ’60s resin jewelry with the individualism and edginess of netizens and normcore culture.

Colorful Bangles

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Similar Shops: Ann Voyage Chur Bracelet, $29.
Not a necklace kind of gal? You can still capitalize on summer jewelry’s vibrant color palette by adding a stack of bangles to your wrist. Colorblocked bangles are especially fun to experiment with, especially when paired with a printed or patterned handbag.

Stacked Chains and Charms

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Similar Shops: Uncommon James Three’s Company Stacked Necklace, $68.
Unlike the minimalist stacking necklace trends of past seasons, this summer’s necklace stacking is all about creating contrast. Mix metals, chain styles and widths, and even throw in a charm necklace or two. The goal here is to assert and celebrate your individual style, not to quietly adorn yourself.

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