Proposing to your better half is a big step, taking your relationship to the next level.

And choosing the engagement ring is a huge part of the whole process.

But is an expensive ring the only way to go?

Well, TikToker MissOngLai certainly doesn’t think so — not anymore at least.

In a 59-second clip posted last Saturday (May 13), she shared her thoughts on why expecting your partner to splurge on an engagement ring may not be the best idea.

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She started off candidly by saying: “My biggest regret is expecting a super expensive ring for my proposal.”

She then opened up how she used to think that her engagement ring needed to be expensive. “If it’s less than $10,000, I don’t want,” she shared. “If it’s less than I-don’t-know-how-many carat [sic]I don’t want.”

However, her feelings have changed since receiving said expensive ring, which she said in response to a comment had cost around $8,000. It’s slightly less than the $10,000 price point she initially expected, but it’s still steep nonetheless.

“I got it two years ago, and I didn’t even wear it for more than 10 to 20 times,” the content creator pointed out.

She went on to explain how some people even went so far as to borrow money from their family or go into debt just to afford their girlfriend’s choice of ring.

She also advised women to consider asking for an expensive ring.

“Like $8,000 is no value one [sic],” she explained, possibly talking about diamond rings as they lose a large portion of their value when you buy them.

She ended her video by saying “give a chance” to the boys and that even if you wanted to show off your ring, nobody would truly care as time goes on.

Netizens chimed in

Her short clip seems to have gained traction online.

Some users agreed with Miss OngLai’s train of thought, pointing out that $8,000 could be used for something practical like buying a house or spending it on one’s honeymoon.

One claimed that diamond rings lose a significant percentage of their value upon purchase.

On the other end, some disagreed with her, mentioning that an expensive ring is a symbol of love.

One commenter suggested getting lab-grown diamonds instead. However, MissOngLai mentioned that her ring was lab-grown too and it still came at a significant price.

Get your dream ring without going broke

Choose the best ring to suit you and your partner’s needs while also taking into account the budget and their choice of gemstones.

You should always prioritize your finances before choosing a ring to prevent long-term financial strain.

Look at the average cost of an engagement ring in Singapore and find which type of ring suits your budget.

Alternative gems like rubies, sapphires and emeralds are cheaper, with rubies costing the least on average and sapphires costing the most.

That said, all gems will be more expensive as the weight, or carat, increases.

If you really love diamonds, there are budget-conscious ways to score that dream engagement ring.

Try purchasing a diamond that weighs just shy of the carat weight you desire. It might not be visually noticeable, but there will be a marked difference in its price.

Another factor that affects the price of diamonds is clarity. The clarity grade reflects how clean or clear the diamond is. But it doesn’t really matter as you would not be able to see the “flaws” with your naked eye anyway, unless you use a microscope.

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