Jewelry, electronic scams on the rise in southern Alberta

RCMP officials are warning the public of a group of scam artists who are making their way around southern Alberta and preying on the good-natured or financially motivated.

According to Mounties, groups have been approaching people in parking lots, gas stations and in other public areas this month, with offers to sell gold jewelry or electronics at extremely low prices.

The suspects, who have been seen driving newer-model rental vehicles and have had children with them, offer sob stories involving broken or lost bank cards and claim they’re selling the items to fund the rest of their travels.

RCMP says the jewelry and electronics are fake or low quality.

The groups have been spotted in Oyen, Brooks, near CrossIron Mills in Rocky View County and in Swift Current, Sask. and the attempted scams are said to have occurred between March 2 and 14.

Descriptions of the suspects and vehicles have not been released.

Anyone who is being pursued by the suspected scammers is encouraged to report the incident to local police.

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