The ultimate jewelry pop-up has arrived.

Every year the Museum of Arts and Design brings the best jewelry designers from all over the world, together.

It’s not just about what’s trending in New York, but all over the world.

“I’m looking at jewelry portfolios every single day of my life to narrow down the selection from thousands down to 50 who we will invite to be featured in the show,” said Bryna Pomp the curator of MAD About Jewelry.

Yumi Kato

Bryna Pomp the curator of MAD About Jewelry wearing Yumi Kato’s textile jewelry.

Pomp said she’s currently loving designs from the Japanese designer Yumi Kato, who uses the techniques of sewing to create her pieces.

Kato specializes in textile jewelry, used silk in traditional Japanese kimonos, and she takes advantage of its original colors and patterns to convert it into wearable art. All of Kato’s works are either partially or totally hand sewn.

“It is meticulously made and very time-consuming,” said Pomp.

Yael Sonia

“The Spinning Top” is 18-carat white gold design that mimics a children’s toy.

Yael Sonia is one of the New York based designers featured in the exhibit.

Sonia uses 18-karat gold and semiprecious stones in her sculpture-like designs. Sonia said she drew inspiration from childhood toys, nature, or even social ideas about marriage.

Her collection includes the toy-inspired “Spinning Top” and “Perpetual Motion,” which take up to a month to make.

A lot of her designs are loosely shaped with rough gemstones delicately held within open ring shanks.

Eve Balashova

Balashova uses 3D printed nylon to create her designs.

Balashova creates visually captivating, tactile jewelry using 3D printing and hand skills. A lot of her jewelry is inspired by geometry.

Her jewelry is a celebration of color, with each piece carefully dyed by hand, creating seamless color transitions.

Her designs have won two awards for creative innovation at the Goldsmith’s Crafts and Design Council Awards in 2017 and 2021.

The Museum of Arts and Design will present its annual benefit sale, MAD About Jewelry April 25–29.

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