Marshall jokingly explains why he asked Jackie for engagement ring back on Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind star Marshall Glaze has revealed what he was thinking during his and Jackelina Bond’s argument about who should keep the engagement ring, and why he asked for the ring back.

Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind season 4 below.

The couple, who star on the latest season of the Netflix reality show, ended their engagement in the latest episodes of the dating experiment after Bonds revealed that she would be pursuing a relationship with another contestant, Josh Demas.

As Glaze and Bonds sat down to hash out the end of their relationship, Glaze informed his former partner that he wanted the ring he’d proposed with back.

“I would like the ring back. I don’t think that you deserve it because you should never have accepted my proposal,” Glaze told Bonds after she revealed that she didn’t want to continue their relationship.

However, in response to Glaze’s request, Bonds reveals that she would be keeping the diamond ring.

“Hmm. Well, I’m gonna keep the ring because… I accepted it because I wanted to marry you,” Bonds told her former fiancé.

The conversation ended with Glaze informing Bond that he could keep the ring because he no longer cared for.

“You can keep the ring. Every time you look at that thing, whatever you do with it, I want you to be reminded that you passed up on something great,” Glaze said.

On social media, viewers have largely sided with Glaze, with many alleging that Bonds should have returned the engagement ring.

However, others have pointed out that Glaze didn’t actually pay for the ring, as Netflix covers the costs of the engagement rings, according to PopSugar.

“Whatever they choose, we pay for. Whatever we pay for, they keep, regardless of engagement ending,” a spokesperson for Netflix told the outlet.

Glaze has since revealed why he asked Bonds for the ring back, despite not paying for the engagement ring, with the reality star revealing that he wanted to “leave with something”.

Glaze addressed the question on TikTok in response to a fan who’d noted: “I mean, if Marshall didn’t pay for the ring, why is he pressed to pocket it himself?”

In response to the comment, Glaze used a viral TikTok sound quoting Denzel Washington, who’d once jokingly recalled how he’d planned to take food from the 1988 Oscars, as he’d claimed he wasn’t going to leave without “something ” if he wasn’t going to win an Oscar.

“I’m like, I’m leaving here with something. I’m from around the way, I’m leaving with something,” Washington said on Jamie Foxx’s Off Script With Jamie Foxx series of the moment he realized he was going to lose the Oscar to Sean Connery.

Glaze’s video has since been viewed more than one million times, with viewers amused by the use of the quote.

“THIS IS ICONIC,” one person claimed, while another said: “Perfect sound to use hahah.”

Others took the opportunity to reiterate their belief that Glaze is the correct one in the scenario.

“It’s the principle though. She should’ve returned it. It wasn’t hers to keep,” one person alleged, while someone else wrote: “You were there for the right reasons and she wasn’t, therefore you deserve to keep it.”

While speaking to VarietyGlaze confirmed that he never received the ring back from Bonds, with the reality star telling the outlet he “probably won’t see that thing ever again”.

Bonds also addressed the argument over the ring, with the dental assistant taking to Instagram to defend herself from criticism over Netflix’s portrayal of her during the latest episodes.

In regards to the ring, Bonds said: “As for the ring, Marshall did not pay for the ring, Love Is Blind paid for all the rings.”

Episodes 12 of Love Is Blind season four will premiere on April 14, followed by the live reunion on April 16.

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