Nikola Jocic is one of the most intriguing players in the NBA. While he is an NBA superstar, the Joker is also obsessed with racing horses. In fact, he has over half a dozen of them. However, they aren’t the only thing he has a strong love for. Jokic is also a big fan of League of Legends and fancy watches. In fact, prior to winning his first championship, an Instagram user spotted the two-time MVP wearing a beautiful rose gold Rolex timepiece.

Despite being an NBA superstar, Jokic doesn’t really fit the bill. He isn’t very vocal about his life nor does he showcase it, seeing as he isn’t on social media. But, while he isn’t really into the whole celebrity influencer gig, he does enjoy some of the finer things in life. And, a $29,250 Rolex is one of them.

Nikola Jokic was spotted sporting a rose-gold Rolex before Game 5 against the Miami Heat

He may not be your typical NBA superstar, but Nikola Jokic is quite the personality. While he may not have an active social life, every time the Joker has been spotted in public he always looks his best. Some might even say he is quite the dapper man, often being spotted in a fine suit.

In fact, Jokic is also always seen with a watch around his wrist every time he dawns his suit. One particular piece he enjoys wearing is his Rolex. The same watch he was spotted rocking prior to Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

The model in question is a Yacht-Master 40 in 18k rose gold. It even has a bidirectional rotatable 60-minute graduated bezel fitted with a Cerachrom insert in high-tech ceramic. Not to mention, it features an Oysterflex bracelet which makes the watch more sporty and comfortable. A classy $29,250 watch for a classy NBA Champion. You can take a look at the watch up close in the Instagram post by ‘insane luxury life’ below.

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Further, you can also check out his pre-game suits in the Twitter posts by UpscaleHype and GQ Sports.

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There can be no denying that Jokic is a fashionable guy, and that watch is definitely money well spent. It’s nice to see him splash the cash on something other than his dozen or so racehorses.

Despite just winning an NBA Championship, Nikola Jokic is in a hurry to see his horses

Nikola Jokic is an NBA Champion, something only a select few get to say. However, rather than celebrating his biggest accomplishment, Jokic seems more concerned about his horses.

In fact, Joker admits that while he is happy about winning his first ring, he may be skipping the championship parade completely. why? Because he needs to go see his horses in Serbia. And, he may even take the team plane to get there. Take a look at his comments in the tweet by Raahib Singh.

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One thing is for certain, Nikola Jokic is not your average celebrity. While most stars are worried about partying and enjoying several worldly pleasures, all he is concerned about is looking good and taking care of his horses. Frankly, the simplicity of this superstar is a total enigma. And yet, fans just can’t help but admire it.


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