Southern Alberta RCMP warn of jewelry scams

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The Southern Alberta RCMP is warning the public of groups who are traveling throughout southern Alberta conducting gold jewelry and electronic scams.

Suspects have approached people in parking lots, gas stations or other public locations. The suspects typically offer fake gold jewelry for sale, as gifts, or offer to trade for gas.

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The jewelry is not genuine and is offered at very low prices. The suspects often provide a story such as having a broken or lost bank card, and are unable to access funds to continue their trip.

Suspects are typically driving newer rental vehicles and sometimes have children with them.

There have also been reported incidents in which the suspects are selling electronics.

These incidents have occurred between March 2 and 14. These types of incidents can be considered fraud or false pretensions, and are criminal offenses.

Alberta RCMP is advising the public to report similar incidents and to remain aware of ever-changing fraudulent scams.

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