As season 7 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? came to a close, viewers were left with a few questions. Tumultuous relationships throughout the season ended with some resolution — divorce paperwork was filed, babies were promised and one fiancée vowed not to give her ex a 12th chance.

Though fans’ favorite (or at least favorite) 90 Days faces may be off screen on Sunday nights for a while, their social media gives a glimpse into what each couple has been up to since filming the tell-all.

Here’s an update on which of the cast members are still together and who has called it quits.

Ed and Liz

Status: Unknown

Ed &  Liz 90 Day Fiance

Ed & Liz 90 Day Fiance


On the tell-all finale, Liz declared she wouldn’t be taking Ed back again. As he left New York with her engagement ring in his wallet, Liz told cameras she was ready to find the love she deserves instead of remaining in constant back-and-forth with Ed.

“Now, I know this relationship is not gonna work,” Liz said as the episode concluded. “Ed and I are done, for good this time. I swear. This is the last breakup.”

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However, it seems that the declaration didn’t stick. After Ed dumped Liz for the 11th time during the tell-all, both of their social media accounts show that Ed and Liz reunited as recently as mid-December.

The on-again/off-again couple attended a friend’s wedding together. Liz shared a dancing video of the pair and captioned it, “We Have To Much Fun At Weddings 😄 @thisisbiged love that we can just have fun, be silly, and be us once.”

Yara and Jovi

Status: Married

Yara &  Jovi

Yara & Jovi

Jovi Dufren/Instagram

Yara and Jovi clashed on season 7 when they came to children. Though Jovi was pushing to have a second baby soon, Yara tearfully shared that she wasn’t ready.

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They may not be mutually ready to grow their family, but Yara and Jovi appear to be going strong.

On Christmas, Yara shared a Santa-inspired photo of their family, with their daughter Mylah.

Kim and Usman

Status: Friends

Kim &  Usman

Kim & Usman

Kim Menzies/Instagram

Kim revealed she was no longer in a relationship with Usman during the tell-all. Though Kim and Usman often applaud each other on Instagram, Kim has remained in America while Usman continues to live in Nigeria.

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Tragedy struck Kim’s family in January when her older sister died. Even from a distance, Usman shared his support. “It’s very difficult but I want you to be STRONG Kimberly, “Every SOUL must test the pain of death” we only wait for our time,” wrote Usman. “Hard Luck Kimberlllllllly, God will see you through this situation AMEN 🙏🏾 💔🕊️”

Jenny and Sumit

Status: Married

Jenny &  chopper

Jenny & Sumit

Sumit and Jenny/Instagram

Jenny and Sumit’s season 7 ended on somewhat of a happy note. Even though Jenny still hasn’t been welcomed into Sumit’s family, she’s no longer disowned.

As Sumit has reunited with his loved ones, he’s also remained happily married to Jenny — two relationships the couple previously never imagined could coexist.

The couple still live in India and share their adventures on their Instagram accounts. Both Jenny and Sumit often share lovey-dovey videos.

Another piece of hopeful news came on Christmas when Jenny appeared to be in attendance at Sumit’s family Christmas party. In an Instagram Reel, she was photographed with Sumit’s brother and sister.

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Shaeda and Bilal

Status: Married

Shaeeda &  Bilal

Shaeda & Bilal


Shaeeda and Bilal are still happily married and regularly share the couple’s content on TikTok and Instagram. The pair most recently shared a video of themselves captioned, “We’re flawed, but we’re still perfect for each other!!”

They even got a response from Jenny: “Well we are too but hey we enjoy a lot ❤️ So keep having fun and Enjoy every minute with each other ☺🙏🌹❤♥️♥️”

So far, Shaeeda and Bilal haven’t shared any baby updates — and have kept their goal of offline conception. Sharing a clip from the tell-all, Shaeeda wrote, “Yes I will LOVE to have your 👶🏽. We look forward to continuing our journey together. This party is just getting started. You don’t want to miss it. Sunday on TLC. Love wins for sure over drama 😜❤️🫶🏽💕”

Elizabeth and Andrei

Status: Married

Elizabeth &  Andrei

Elizabeth & Andrey

Elizabeth Castravet/Instagram

Elizabeth and Andrei are also happily married after the tell-all. This season’s drama focused mainly on Andrei’s relationship with Elizabeth’s family. Even though they don’t share the details of the extended family online, the couple’s intermediate family unit is doing just fine.

The parents often post family photos with their kids and have also ventured into making silly TikToks together.

They welcomed their second child, Winston Leo Castravet, in October after filming the season 7 tell-all.

Angela and Michael

Status: Unknown

Angela &  Michael

Angela & Michael

Angela Deem/Instagram

Angela ended season 7 with one step away from husband Michael. As the tell-all wrapped up, with Angela fuming over Michael’s cheating, she stated she was ready to file for divorce.

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All that said, it’s unclear if Angela and Michael are actually separated, whether they’re together or have already divorced.

Michael’s last appearance on Angela’s Instagram was at the start of December. She shared a photo montage of herself and Michael set to the song “Let’s Make Love” by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

That appears to be the last time Angela shared anything about Michael on the page.

She’s since posted videos with other men — and a recent video showed her dancing to the breakup anthem “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus.

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Though this season has officially come to an end, an all-new season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is set to premiere Jan. 29 at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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