3 men charged after allegedly stealing $6,000 worth of jewelry from Naperville home

WHEATON, Ill. — Three men have been charged for burglary for allegedly stealing over $6,000 worth of jewelry from an elderly Naperville couple’s home.

Lawrence Miller, 29, Sam Mason, 26, and Christopher Nicholas, 36 were all charged with one count of residential burglaries.

Miller and Nicholas are charged with an extra misdemeanor.

According to police reports, the couple was in the driveway of their Naperville home when they were approached by a man wearing a yellow vest, who was later identified as Miller.

It is alleged that Miller told the couple that there was a problem with their water and that he was there to resolve the issue. It is further alleged that Miller convinced the man to let him into the house and show him where the utility boxes were.

Police reported that when Miller took the man away from his residence, Miller’s accomplices entered the home and stole $6,000 worth of jewelry then fled the scene.

Police later arrested three men at a Schamburg pawn shop as they were attempting to sell multiple items of jewelry.

The next court appearance for Miller and Mason is scheduled for May 9. Nicholas’ next court appearance is scheduled for May 11.

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