The Groom’s Guide to Wedding Shoes and Boots: What to Look For and How to Wear Them

You and your significant other are going to say ‘I do!’ soon. It is such a happy occasion, but the preparations leading up to it can get exhausting and hectic. There are so many details to look after and a multitude of decisions to be made.

As the groom-to-be, you try to make sure that all your partner’s dreams regarding the wedding day will come true. You may have already selected the wedding attire, tried it on and safely stored it away. But there is a part of the whole look that tends to slip the mind easily or gets put off until the last moment – ​​the shoes. Footwear completes the look; it can either take the look to the next level or chip away at the appeal. It is important to choose it well.

What should a groom look for in wedding shoes and boots?


  1. Comfort: The number one consideration for footwear would be comfort. Of course, there should be no compromise on appearance, but comfort is paramount. You will be spending most of this day on your feet. Choose a comfortable pair and your feet will thank you later.
  2. Appropriate style: Your footwear will need to match not only the formality of the wedding but also the style of your suit. You will need to check which are the best dress boots or shoes for the style.
  3. Color: Choose your footwear according to the color of your suit. Black is the most common and the most versatile option. You will also need to check the color against your shirt, tie and watch. Decide whether you want it to blend in with your attire, or you want to make a statement with it.
  4. Correct size: Try on the shoes and walk around the store a little. Your footwear must neither be too tight nor too loose.
  5. Suitability to the weather: Even though no one can accurately predict ahead of time the weather on the day of the wedding, you will have some ideas based on the time of the year. What season is it going to be? Is it going to be hot and humid? Is there any chance of rain?
  6. Right for the location: You have to choose footwear while keeping in mind the location of the wedding. Are you going to be walking on grass, sand, or some kind of indoor flooring? Pick a pair with which you can walk with grace and stand with poise.

It is recommended that you invest in a good quality pair, which will be perfect for the occasion and later turn into a great addition to your wardrobe.

Tips on Wearing Wedding Footwear


  1. Break into the shoes a few days before the wedding. Wear them around the house for a few hours. This will ensure that you will be able to walk comfortably on the wedding day.
  2. Check your wedding shoes or boots thoroughly the night before the wedding.
  3. On your wedding day, make sure your footwear is clean and polished.
  4. Wear appropriate dress socks with your footwear.
  5. If the shoes or boots have a lace-up style, lace them up with due diligence.
  6. Keep adhesive bandages at hand.

It will soon be your time to walk down the aisle. With the right footwear, it will be a walk to remember.

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