Firearms, jewelry stolen from Shuswap Airbnb; evidence of squatters in cabin – Salmon Arm News

Guns, stolen jewelry

Chase RCMP are investigating after firearms and jewelry were stolen from a home in Lee Creek that was being used as an Airbnb.

The residence was not occupied by the owners at the time, in the first week of March.

Police said missing items included “multiple firearms and valuable jewelry.”

The tenants did not provide proof of identification to confirm their Airbnb profile names, and two different groups had access to the residence before the theft was discovered, say RCMP.

On March 15, Chase RCMP were called to a seasonal cabin in Celista when neighbors checked on the property and discovered the door was unlocked and lights on.

“Clearly, someone had been living in the cabin undetected for at least several days,” the police said.

Nothing of value appeared to be missing, but the cabin reeked of moldy, rotten food and feces, as the water had been turned off

Police seized several items that will be sent for forensic examination in hopes of identifying a suspect via fingerprints.

The front door to the cabin was of an older style, and entry was gained relatively easily despite the deadbolt.

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