Kylie Jenner Wore This Chic, Low-Key Jewelry Brand in Paris

Kylie Jenner appears to be entering her minimalist era, and based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m here for it. While in Paris over the holiday weekend, Jenner wore a series of sleek designer looks in neutral shades, and she kept her jewelry equally low-key.

The high-end pieces Jenner wore in Paris were in the thousands, but the earrings she wore for one particular occasion cost far less. Jenner posted a look on her Instagram that included a white Alaïa dress that she paired with a The Row bag and Loewe heels. Her silver earrings, the subject of this story, were from the gender-inclusive Norwegian jewelry brand Tom Wood. The brand has been around for a decade but is still a bit under the radar in the US (in a good way), and most pieces are well under $500.

Jenner opted for a pair of the brand’s Small Chunky Hoop Earrings with a satin silver finish, and you could genuinely wear them every single day. And while Tom Wood may not be everywhere in the US, I was pleased to see several of its most versatile pieces on right now, and they’re miraculously on sale. Scroll to those shops and other Tom Wood gems I found across the internet, including Jenner’s exact earrings.

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